Used Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Equipment

Looking to save big on a used or surplus compressor? The name Ingersoll Rand has long been associated with quality, value, and cutting edge design – and no wonder. With Ingersoll’s beginnings dating back to 1871, the company started with a single product, a steam-powered rock drill.

Just one year later, the Rand & Waring Drill and Compressor Company formed.

It wouldn’t be until 1905 when the companies would merge to eventually become one of the world’s largest and most recognized brands in the construction and mining industries. With products ranging from commercial to industrial, Ingersoll Rand is always on the cutting edge of new technologies.

Ingersoll Rand
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Ingersoll Rand

Both new and used Ingersoll Rand products have strong appeal. Since they are so well designed and manufactured, they have a long life span filled with providing customers with durability, quality, and value. The company puts this kind of design into all of the products it manufactures.

When you buy IR equipment, you are getting quality which is durable and long lasting.

You’re also buying the product of a company that stands behind its name and believes in giving back, a company that has long stood the test of time and has a support network of dealers.

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