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Although they haven’t been around as long as some of their competitors, such as Ingersoll Rand or Atlas Copco, Quincy Compressor has over 95 years of success behind their products. Originally named the Wall Pump and Compressor Co., the company designed and manufactured vacuum pumps which replaced the need for human hands to milk cows.

Just four years later, the name changed to Quincy Compressor as the company expanded its product line to include reciprocating air compressors. Since the demand for compressors began to climb rapidly, the company found themselves well positioned for business and future growth.

Quincy Compressor introduced the Quincy QR-25, one of their most popular products, back in 1937 and it has become representative of the quality and durability of all Quincy products. As time passed, the company would add other products and they now have two facilities in the U.S. and have expanded production to include a new manufacturing plant in China. Today, Quincy Compressor offers a line of products which include: Rotary screw air compressors & Reciprocating/Piston (including the QR-25)

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If using green products and being environmentally friendly is important to you and your company, Quincy compressors may just be the equipment your company is looking for. The company believes in saving energy by reducing carbon footprints. The company even offers an award winning, patented Efficiency Quotient (EQ) which evaluates the efficiency of air compressors. Many of their products, such as rotary screw compressors, offer energy saving designs which can save customers up to 35% on energy when compared to traditional rotary screw compressors.

For applications that require between 50% to 100% flow, they have technology that is able to reduce output when the entire capacity isn’t needed. The company also has non-ozone depleting refrigerants which are recognized by the EPA (environmental protection agency). These are just a sampling of the many ways Quincy Compressor does their part to ensure the protection of our environment while providing customers with durable, high quality equipment built to last. For more information on the depth of their commitment to being green, take a look at their website.

Variety to Meet Your Needs

Quincy air compressors come in a variety of models and sizes to meet your business needs. They have a wide range of HP in belt, gear, and direct drive. They also offer low power consumption and industrial grade enclosures which offer ease of use for any maintenance purposes.

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