High Pressure Compressors – What You Need to Know

June 26, 2014

As compressors proliferate throughout business and consumer use the demand for high pressure compressors has skyrocketed.

Pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi or psig). The usage of one air compressor will vary according to the amount of pressure it is capable of exerting. The household air compressor that is used to inflate bike tires will have lesser capacity compared to dental air compressors and industrial compressors that often need a high pressure to perform the job required.

Big corporations make use of the high pressure compressor to power their huge machines and manufacturing equipment etc. With insufficient pressure, the big machines would come to halt early or just does not function at all.

This high pressure units are also used for compressing breathing equipment like diving oxygen tanks and those that are delivered and used in hospitals. In this type, a specialized filtration system is made available to ensure safety among those who will breath the compressed air inside the tank. The air is made free of any contaminants or any other harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. They use catalyst and desiccants to rid the tank of any risks that might be brought to the patient. This is carefully done since effects like carbon monoxide poisoning can be very dangerous and even deadly with just few amounts. Caution is really necessary when handling air for use in artificial breathing aids.

With increasing pressure demands, people are demanding more power packed into one single machine.  When buying, consider the amount of pressure that you will need to run your equipment and the space where you will be storing it.  Packing high pressure in a small footprint can come at a higher ticket price.