Buying Used Compressed Air Equipment the Smart Way

February 5, 2015

You already know the advantages of buying a used air compressor: you can pick up a great piece of equipment for just a fraction of the cost. But you should also know there are some things to specifically look for and look out for when buying a used air compressor as well.

What to Look For

When beginning your search for a used compressed air system, you want to first look for any businesses in your local area (or however far you’re willing to travel) that are going out of businesses. Generally speaking these owners will want to liquidate their equipment and inventory fast and will offer the best prices. What kinds of business use air compressors? Garages, auto body shops, factories, farms, a myriad assortment really.

You can also look online at various auction and classified sites which may sell a unit that will fit your needs. Air Compressor Ads deals with some of the top distributors of used air compressors and you can find a list of our current inventory here.

Next, you want to look for a compressor that will actually be able to deliver the flow output you need to power the pneumatic tools you use. Check your tools and find the cfm rating for each. This will normally be on the tool itself, but if you can’t find it there refer to the user’s guide. Find your highest CFM and take this into consideration when looking at used air compressors. Make sure the unit you are considering can power your highest cfm requirements otherwise you will be wasting your money.

What to Look Out For

Anytime you shop for a used piece of equipment, it is your right and duty to get a full history of the machine. You should ask as many questions as you can, like how was the machine maintained, were there any major repairs needed, how many owners before you, etc.

You should also, before driving a distance to check out a compressor, ask the seller for any and all photos of it. You will want to see shots from all angles to check for dings and dents which may indicate damage. In this day and age, it is not too much to ask for video of the compressor in action as well. The more the seller is asking in price, the more you are justified in asking for information.

So, look out for any seller who is not willing to cooperate during the sales process. If they refuse to show photos and claim to not know the full history, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

Take a look at our current inventory of used air compressors and see if we don’t have the perfect unit for your needs.