Tips on Buying a Used Industrial Air Compressor

January 29, 2013

Are you in the market for a used industrial air compressor? If so, you already know the benefits of buying used instead of new. Often people sell their used compressor not because anything is wrong with it, but because they have outgrown the particular model and require something with a bit more power. This is highly beneficial to you as you can generally pick up a solid air compressor at a fraction of the cost.

Advantages aside, there are a few key considerations you should keep in mind when buying a used industrial air compressor.

Tool Requirements

An air compressor, whether new or used, is only an asset if it can power all of your tools properly. So the first thing you need to make sure of is if the compressor you’re interested in can power the tools you currently have, and any you think you might acquire in the future. This can be done easily by checking out the cfm ratings of your tools. Find your highest cfm requirement and check that against the output of the air compressor you’re considering. If it’s a match, then you know you’re dealing with a compressor that has the power you need.

Get the Complete History

Next, the person you buy from should be able to supply you with a complete and accurate history of the air compressor, so make sure to inquire. Ask specific questions about maintenance and any repairs that may have occurred. If it is an oiled model, how often was the oil changed? Like a car, the oil in an air compressor needs to be changed, normally between 500 and 1000 hours of usage, or damage may occur.

If the used air compressor you’re interested in purchasing is not local, make sure to ask the seller for numerous photos and if at all possible, video of the compressor in action. This will give you an accurate account of the compressor’s condition.
Finally, make sure to ask if hoses and any other accessories come with the air compressor, don’t just assume that they do. Hoses are one of the first things that need to be replaced so make sure to ask the seller the condition of these as well.

Other Considerations

You will find most used industrial air compressors are powered by electricity and are stationary models. These are the units you would find in a factory or auto garage. There are, however, some models designed more for the construction job site, and these can be powered by either gas or diesel and are more portable. You must know exactly how you intend to use the compressor and where you are most likely to need it in order to know if you require portability or prefer to power with a source besides electricity.

Buying a used industrial air compressor instead of a new one is a fantastic way to get the power you need on a smaller budget. Before you purchase, just make sure to follow the suggestions above and you will no doubt acquire the best compressor for your needs.

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