Rotary Screw New & Used Air Compressors

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These units are very popular due to their efficiency and ease of use. The reason for the name comes from the fact that it uses two rotors (helical screws) to compress air. Dry running compressors use timing gears to maintain alignment while oil compressors use oil to lubricate a hydraulics system while being able to transfer the energy to the rotor.

By transferring the energy this way, the gas is forced through the compressor to an exiting area found at the base of the screws. Typically, a rotary screw is smaller than a traditional type of air compressor which can be more convenient depending on the applications it’s being used for.

These units are widely popular due to their reliability, low maintenance, flexibility, and efficiency across many different industries. They are used for industrial refrigeration, stationary and portable air markets, and even for refrigeration of petrochemicals, oil, and gas. Rotary screws have taken over a fair share of the market, and are the most used type of compressor for their size.